The Moringa tree

Moringa Baum

The Moringa tree (moringa oleífera) originally from the south-western region of India Himalaya it's now grown in tropical areas around the world. Moringa is called the "miracle tree".

The versatility and health benefits of the leaves and seeds of Moringa were considered by many scientific studies. The most positive are antioxidants leaves (Antioxidants have great physiological importance by its action as radical scavengers and therefore protect various diseases). Generally the Moringa tree helps strengthen the immune system and therefore prevent disease.

In May 2013 we sowed the first seeds in our farm, plantations expanded in 2014 with harvested seeds and now the production has risen to 3 hectares. The leaves are cut and plucked by hand, they dried and ground to powder form this is the most concentrated form. With dry leaves can get a tasty tea, it's hypoglycemic effect is indisputable. The seeds can be eaten raw, for that you peel and eat the inside that looks like a chickpea and gives your body valuable amino acids of 3.6 and 9. Seed oil that is obtained is used in cosmetics also it helps in rheumatism and arthritis.

Moringa Blüte

Our guests can also enjoy meals or drinks made with fresh moringa leaves, also enjoy tea, add leaf powder in a tight cereal/salad, etc. 

We are pleased to invite you to our farm and learn about our organic Moringa planting For more information on the cultivation and the various uses of this precious plant. If you can not visit us, see our Online Store (At the moment only in German Language) and buy the product of your choice or a trial pack (Leaf Powder, Tea and Seeds) to know! The order will be sent directly from Cañas Castilla.

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Ease of use and effectiveness of the plant

Fresh moringa leaves

It is served with chopped lettuce or in a sauce or pesto, cooked like spinach or mixed with other vegetables (for example with carrots and tomatoes).

Moringa powder

The powder of the dried leaves of Moringa is due to the diversity of its ingredients is an optimal food supplement for supply of vital substances. You can easily add conventional foods such as vegetables, yogurt, sauces and fruit drinks. The broken dried leaves are used to a calming tea.

Moringa seeds

The seeds can be raw or roasted and have an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory property. Other studies confirm its efficacy against arthritis, properties skin, cleansing power and effect enhancer for men and women.

Moringa seeds

Moringa Seeds     Moringa Seeds     Moringa Seeds

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I take Moringa powder?

With vital deficiencies or health promotion recommended 1-2 tablespoons daily (children 1-2 teaspoons) Moringa powder. Ingestion of moringa powder does not replace a healthy and balanced diet and they should be considered as complementary foods.

Can I take too much Moringa?

No, because they are water-soluble substances in the ingredients of Moringa (with the exception of beta-carotene), the body automatically flooded unnecessary substances. The calorie content is 205 kcal / 100 g - this corresponds to approximately 16 kcal per tablespoon (7.5 g).

Can I take Moringa in combination with drugs?

Patients who are under medical treatment or taking drugs, should consult to your doctor or pharmacist before taking Moringa.

There are side effects?

No known side effects. However, it's recommended of halving the dosage amount at the beginning and then to increase step by step. Moringa powder is free of preservatives and flavorings and other triggers of intolerance as gluten, lactose or soy, which can be easily consumed by people with allergies. Although the carbohydrate content of Moringa is by almost 40%, should diabetics can easily take Moringa powder. In the experiments it was found even improved glucose tolerance wing.

How long can I keep dust from Moringa? What it must be observed during storage?

Moringa powder can be stored in a cool place in the dark for several months. However, it should be noted, degrading certain properties, particularly vitamins over time.

Where is grown Moringa?

The agricultural production area of Moringa extends from Mexico to Brazil, but practically all of Africa and parts of South Asia.

What is the importance of Moringa for development countries?

Moringa grows in many areas and is readily usable in agriculture. In addition, at the end of the dry season yet even the tree bears edible leaves - So when other foods are scarce.

It tastes like and how Moringa can be combined with other foods?

Moringa has a smell slightly spinach. Basically Moringa can be mixed with all foods. Through its own flavor, that goes very well with some menus:

  • Example of tea with ginger or licorice rasps
  • Soups (of. Carrots, potatoes, pumpkin)
  • Fruit juices
  • Sauces Dip
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Salad dressings
  • Vegetables (leaves that go well with carrots)
  • Mixtures of spices (eg for Raclette)
  • Wasabi Sauce

We invite you to visit our Farm to learn about organic Moringa plantations, For more information on the cultivation and different uses of this precious plant and you try our menus prepared with Moringa.

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